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When the going gets tough …. The tough get going

"Isolation" ©NLew

It has bothered me all my life that I do not paint like everybody else.

Henri Matisse

As is often the case, I have a lot to say. And, like always, I will refrain from getting in too deep in subjects relating to governance and politics. After all, this is a page/website dedicated to the Arts and the "greening" of the planet. Political viewpoints differ, and the objective of the site is to be a place of inclusion. Politics would undoubtedly get in the way of this while underscoring the works of the featured artists. But, as you have come to know me, certain things need to be said.

Things such as No, you may NOT inject yourself with disinfectant cleaner or bleach, nor may you ingest it. We teach our toddlers not to touch our cleaning products, not to eat our tide pods as they are not candy … and yet we have "the person in charge" toying (sarcastically after the fact of course) with the idea of precisely that. That folks is nothing less than pathetic and dangerous. There is, of course, much more, and you need only to turn on the television to find out what more really means. It just does not stop. Day after day, week after week, month after month. We descend. Deeper and deeper.

It is in this state of mind that I remembered a painting I had seen, titled "Carbon Magic" by Cindy Wright ©2019. It depicts a transparent globe with some carbon on top of newspapers. At the time, I saw it as quite melodramatic as I am one of those hoping to eradicate fossil fuels. I thought of her painting as interesting and looked up more of her work. Before that, I'd never heard of her. What I discovered were different, fascinating, and often morbid works of art. And I became a fan!

At a distance from Cindy Wright's paintings, minute details snap into focus, the kind of details only visible in enlarged photographs. (Sic Artlog Video @ Cindy Wright, a highly talented Belgian artist, born in Herentals (Check out a cute little story about this small town in the Province of Antwerp @ in 1972, has an impressive Curriculum Vitae.

By juxtaposing domestic objects and rendering them in oils with exceptional skill, she gives vanitas a newly defined and modern twist. For the uninitiated, vanitas is a symbolic work of art that shows the transience of life, the futility of pleasure, and the certainty of death, the latter often depicted by using contrasting symbols of wealth ephemerality and death. She has a way of turning the mundane into sensuous images that force viewers to reconsider their thoughts on everyday life. * Often death, decay, and raw flesh are motifs of her work, and she depicts them with astonishing accuracy and detail. Her use of color if breathtaking. Her still Lifes are meant to evoke the passage of time and the accompanying inevitable mortality.

‘Fashion Victim’, Oil on Linen, 2015. 210 x 230 cm. ©Cindy Wright

There is so much more to her and her work that I can but encourage you to check out her website @ Also, keep an eye out for exhibitions featuring her work. They are sure to WoW you!!

That's it for today peoples of the page. Be sure to stay healthy and safe. Be sure to follow the guidelines of the ones who know what they are talking about – Doctors, scientists, public health specialists …. And keep in mind that they, unfortunately, are not always the ones who are in charge.

Be kind to one another. Lend a helping hand wherever you can. Remember that it can be harder for some than for others. A little can go a long way.

Until next week peoples of the page. Namaste!

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"Phoenix Rising" ©NLew2020

Thank you to all first responders, medical personnel, physicians, physician assistants, nurses, food store clerks, and all other essential personnel who have taken care of us and made sure we had all essentials during this difficult time. We appreciate all you have done and continue to do in often difficult circumstances. Stay safe and stay healthy.

Note from author: ALL IMAGES shown in this column are courtesy of NLew/Reflectionsandstuff. All Cindy Wright artwork is copyrighted and is used here under the creative commons license for instructional purposes/non-commercial use without modifications of which the sole purpose is the sharing of Art only. Please respect this and do not misuse them. Take a moment to visit and subscribe to the mailing list on our website @ It will ensure you never miss an update. It is FREE and your email will never be shared with anyone without your consent. Check it out. Enjoy the site. Please note that if you want to copy/use any material/photo from this website you may need permission of the owner/s. Again, respect copyrights please. Never forget to mention the original source. As always, I am thankful for your patronage.

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