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When the world goes astray and gets lost: Reflections

"Tree study" NLew - 5" x 7" Acrylic on Canvas - available

“Each of us is the stuff of what the universe is made of. It’s called life.

--Anthony T Hincks--

It is not unusual for me to buy a book based on some recommendations from a talk show host, or from some headline in the Times or the Post. Some are good, and some aren’t, but such is life. Not everything is, nor should be, hunky-dory all the time. (Even though we wish everything were. As in … life would be so much easier.)

As it stands, this week, one of my pre-orders arrived. I am happy -and excited- to report that I now officially own “A Warning” by Anonymous. With everything that has been going on in my country, I have literally been devouring all books and articles political in an attempt to better understand the current situation. And I mean, I get it. Didn't John F. Kennedy utt